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We are Team HOA


In 2006, McFarland Financial (with a little help from a Craig's list ad) entered the niche market of homeowner association accounting. That interaction with our HOA accounting only clientele revealed a strong demand for capable, honest, and responsive association management.

In 2009 our Team HOA division was born and we began offering full–service association management to homeowners Associations in the tri-counties.

Today, we proudly serve over 100 HOAs. Our portfolio includes income restricted condominium Associations as well as million dollar beach front communities.

At Team HOA we serve Homeowner Associations exclusively!

If you are interested in management & accounting for apartment buildings, single family homes, or commercial office space, you'll need to look elsewhere (we can give you a recommendation). 

Why do we cater solely to Homeowners Associations?

Because your HOA expects (and deserves) the best association management and accounting service in town, and we provide just that!

Contact us to become part of our TEAM.